If you're looking for new things to collect as a hobby, there's something for everyone. Even if idea of creating a cool collection appeals, you may not know exactly what to collect. From antique buttons to vintage toys, these are more than 100 collection ideas you can start today.

Unique Things to Collect When it comes to things people collect, these are some unique collection ideas to consider. From inexpensive belt buckles to interesting artwork, these are all cool collections to have.

Antique Fashion Engravings Before photographs became easy to reproduce, magazines would show the latest fashions in engravings. These come in black and white or are hand-colored, and there are thousands to choose from. They start at about $10 each. Specialize in an era, a color, a size, a particular style, or something else.

Vintage Samplers Samplers are embroidered panels intended to show off a specific design or to practice embroidery skills. Girls made them during the 18th and 19th century as they learned new stitches. You'll find these with specific motifs like the US map, birds, the alphabet, and more. Simple examples start at about $10.

Typewriters Whether you go for vintage candy-colored models or the antiques of the Art Deco era, there are plenty of gorgeous old typewriters out there to collect. These beautiful machines start at around $25.

Silhouettes Antique and vintage silhouettes are fairly cheap things to collect. These cut-out portraits come in all sizes, and they look amazing displayed together on a feature wall. You can find them from any period, and they start at about $10.

Equestrian Paintings Collecting any framed art is great, but specializing in horse paintings is even better. These have lasting appeal and look beautiful in today's homes. Small vintage pieces are easy to find for under $50.

Belt Buckles From sterling silver examples to novelty items, belt buckles make a great collectible that doesn't take up a lot of space. These can be very affordable, and you can start collecting novelty ones for under $10.

Dollhouse Furniture As long as there have been dollhouses, there has been furniture to go in them. Collect a specific type of item, like dollhouse chairs, or collect furniture for all rooms. Individual pieces start at around five dollars, with special items going for more.

Doorstops Cast iron doorstops are especially valuable, with Hubley taking the top of the list. However, even lesser known brands can be adorable and fun to collect. Hubley doorstops can sell for hundreds, but other brands start at around $25.

Vintage Calendars Many companies gave away free calendars as promotions, and collecting vintage and antique calendars is a fun and affordable hobby. These start at under $10.

Antique Lighters Long before Zippo became a popular collectible, there were sterling silver lighters with elaborate designs. These are beautiful to collect, and many are available for under $25.

Chatelaines Like a wearable toolbox for the housewife or lady's maid, a chatelaine allowed a woman to carry everything from little scissors to smelling salts attached to her belt or to a necklace. These tiny tools are beautiful, and some sell for around $100.

Compasses Antique and vintage compasses are gorgeous, even if you aren't trying to find your way anywhere. Vintage plastic models are only worth a few dollars, but sterling silver and antique examples can be much more.

Letters Handwritten letters offer a glimpse at a life of the past, and they are also a charming collectible. You can find these at flea markets for under five dollars.

Ticket Stubs Often, ticket stubs include information about the event for which they gave admission, so you can specialize in movies, concerts, or theater events. Like letters, these sell for only a few dollars.

Vintage Harmonicas Harmonicas have their place in musical history, and they make a great collectible too. Examples from a few decades ago sell for under $20.

Perfume Bottles Perfume bottles came in all shapes and sizes, and many are downright gorgeous. You can start a collection with just a few and add to it over time. Some perfume bottles are very expensive, but many are under $25.

Alarm Clocks Vintage and antique alarm clocks offer an example of the decor of the era without being large and unwieldy. You can collect Art Deco ones, mid-century modern examples, or others.

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