Mellow memories.....

Updated: Nov 6

School bus would come to our bus stop ,he would hand over us the lunch and make us mount that.In evenings when school was over we would come kakh would be found having namkeen chai on his sitting place ,the atmosphere would always be lively and samovar would be puffing fumes .

He would give us love and tea ,then he would say do your home work and we will talk later 

We would eagerly finish our homework lying on grass made mats ,by then evening would descend into night .The radio would come alive and stations would hum .kakh could be heard listening to radio BBC Urdu service sairbeen'.Internet hadn't knocked the world yet and television sets were a luxury owned by the very rich .It used to be like owning a car those days .Shafi Naqi jami used to be the presenter of beautiful radio program sairbeen .we grew up with that program. kakh is in his 70s ,he has been through an era .A golden era that has seen kashmir evolving .The transformation his land is witnessing is unprecedented with internet and media doing the most conditioning of brains .

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