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Updated: Jan 9

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single piece of literature, taught in classrooms across the country, has become one of the leftist oligarchy's most potent utensils for molding the minds of students. It is a fictional novel written by one Daniel Quinn, and it shrouds with pretense of virtue a majority of the collectivist, antiprogressive doctrines spread by the establishment. The book correctly describes a rivalry between modern "intellectual" trends (beginning with the hippie movements of the 1960s, which it praises without restraint) and the values of Western culture and human civilization.

In this novel, Ishmael, a gorilla capable of telepathic communication, transmits a truly animal ideology to a narrator who absorbs it as would a sponge, without logical analysis or an evaluation of the premises his "mentor" presents. The story of their meetings, as presented in the book, is merely the background for a delusional system admittedly in support of stagnation and opposed to human intervention with and mastery of the world. The gorilla divides the cultural perspectives of humans into two opposing camps, that of the Takers, i.e. the creators of technological civilization from the dawn of agriculture on, and that of the Leavers, i.e. the undeveloped hunter-gatherer tribes who utilize natural resources only to an extent which would permit them subsistence. Shockingly enough, the gorilla and its creator write in favor of the latter group.

Mr. Quinn is an adherent of the Malthusian blunder that food growth and population growth occur at varying rates and the former will never reach a level sufficient for the latter. He states that the world is to become increasingly plagued with famine as man's capacity to produce food is amplified. He does not, however, present a valid empirical correlation to draw such a conclusion from. The theoretical hypotheses of Thomas Malthus bear no validity in a condition where the countries in which starvation is rampant are the ones least industrially developed, located in regions of Africa and some parts of Southeast Asia (the only reasons for the despicable states of which can be drawn from the dictatorial regimes, restricting free enterprise, which had formed there following the withdrawal of imperialistic European powers whose presence had caused living standards to surge dramatically during the late 19th, early 20th centuries). The United States, the most capitalistic and technically prominent nation in the world produces a sufficient quantity of food in its central regions (i.e. in the so-called Midwest, the "breadbasket" of the country) to support a third of the world's population! The remainder is produced by other First World nations with superb agricultural capacities. The tyrants of backward, non-Western orders of chaos, however, willfully withhold supplies from their populace, as corresponds to the typical behavior of creatures who seek power as an end-in-itself (outlined in 1984 by Mr. Orwell), in order to inflict suffering upon the people and cause them to crawl before the despots on their bellies begging for a bite. This was precisely the strategy of Somali warlord Mohammed Farrah Aidid whose hoarding of grain resulted in a famine costing 700,000 lives and served as cause for a humanitarian relief effort on the behalf of the United Nations in 1992-1993. Should the free nations of the world collaborate with the oppressed citizens of Third World regimes to unseat such despots and institute free-market economies, over a continent of arable territory shall become available to development by prodigious capitalistic interests. It is a lack of liberty, not a deficiency in resources that had resulted in famines throughout the most bloody and primitive places of the world.

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