miseries of a girl/unevitable philia

Updated: Jan 28

Budding writers of future come to visit us ,they are here !

"Miseries of a girl "

By inabat

You hate me

Only for being a girl

You think me misfortune

But I am a pearl

You filled my heart

Only with fear

You gave me lot of worries

But I happily bear

I used to slur

Before I talk

I put my eyes down

When I used to walk

Why did you loose hope

On my birth

Why you feel me curse

On this Earth.

Poem II by budding ifra

Unevitable philia:

Yeth, philia for you is immaculate

Unlike infatuation still adulate

Concealed u in my oculus till late

Muffled u in the arms of fate

I am none to accelerate

As warmth intensily replicate

Grin, and everything is straight

Like everything is to maturate.

By ;Malla ifra bashir

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